Reclaim Peace of Mind

Combine experience, shipment automation and data science to uncover hidden LTL savings and optimize your supply chain.

20% Average

invoice error rate

Up to 8%

recovered savings

Refocus your resources

You’ve developed a talented team that’s become a differentiator for your business. But is handling everyday freight challenges the best use of those resources? Our highly specialized crew of experienced freight auditors, consultants and data specialists have proven they’ll recover every dollar, every time, so you can focus on customers and new opportunities.

Loyal to the process

AFS automates much of the supply chain auditing process to expedite tasks and eliminate redundancies. We also employ a proprietary freight audit system to catch overcharges, billing errors, hidden costs and other discrepancies. It’s our tried-and-true method for unlocking profitability in supply chains — and loyalty in client relationships.

Win with data-driven strategies

Conserving capital is how LTL shippers can win in today’s increasingly competitive market. Our advanced freight audit tools and technologies capture key supply chain metrics — and our team of experienced industry insiders interpret the data to help you create revenue-generating strategies, realize cost-saving opportunities and re-energize client engagements.

Ensuring Client Success

Learn how AFS helped a Texas-based clothing manufacturer reduce LTL spending by 33%.

AFS Insights

Identify new strategic ways to optimize your supply chain and reduce LTL spend today.