Freight Index

You’ve always used data for forecasting, budget and other strategic initiatives. But the value of data in logistics — and nearly every other market — is skyrocketing. So is the volume of data. In fact, one of the great modern business challenges is knowing what data matters most and what to dismiss.

As a service to our clients, AFS collaborates with Cowen, a leading full-service investment bank, to bring you current and highly relevant data and insights that matter to your business on a quarterly basis.

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Freight Index key takeaways highlights

What comprises the freight index?

The freight index provides a performance snapshot of less-than-truckload shipping, full truckload shipping, and parcel shipping, both express and ground. Massive client historical data and current macro and micro economic factors are carefully evaluated, selected and their impact built into our predictive models. The resulting Cowen/AFS Freight Index offers a unique and comprehensive view on both market past performance and the forecasted outlook for the immediate future quarter.