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With the trade war in China making headlines as of late — and the Chinese New Year in the not-so-distant future — there are some

On 12/5/2018, UPS announced their General Rate Increase for 2019, with an effective date of 12/26/2018.  Typically carriers are required to provide 30-day advance notice

Shipping business or personal packages gets more expensive in January as FedEx has announced higher shipping prices for 2019. While year-over-year price increases seem to

The international shipping market is about to get even more complicated, and potentially costly. Starting January 1, 2020, the worldwide cap on sulfur imposed by

Every Fall, the major Parcel carriers typically announce new logic changes that will affect how much it’ll cost to use their shipping networks. In the

Keeping Up with your Records

International shipping is a challenging and complex environment. Tariffs, unique trade regulations per country, complicated routes and longer-than-average shipping times all should be considered when

As predicted, the 2018 shipping market has faced capacity issues due to a blend of a booming economy, e-commerce growth, a driver shortage and the

This year’s international peak season is already in full swing, getting an earlier start than normal. Are you prepared to deal with tighter capacity, higher

In our increasingly electronic, connected world, we’re constantly under attack by individuals and institutions with the intent to facilitate some form of fraud, whether it’s

Trade War Update

Shipping internationally is a complicated and sometimes arduous process. Trade wars, carrier alliances and capacity issues are all contributing to rising international shipping costs. And

2018 has been an interesting year so far, and it’s only half way over. We’ve seen the ELD Mandate go into full effect, capacity issues,

When it comes to paying bills, no one likes paying more than they should. Your freight bills should be no exception, as transportation costs average

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