Breaking News: Winner, Winner. AFS And AFS Officer Named To Three Publications’ Industry-Leading Lists

Logo for Inbound Logistics' 2023 Top 100 3PL Providers award

It was “déjà vu all over again” when we opened the July issue of Inbound Logistics magazine and discovered that AFS had been selected as a “Top 100 3PL Provider” for the second consecutive year. The magazine’s editorial team chooses its annual honorees based on several pieces of head-to-head selection criteria, including how each 3PL’s size, solutions and culture match up against readers’ definitions of what makes a good logistics provider. We’re honored to be part of this elite group – and looking forward to the possibility of a three-peat when this prestigious list comes out next year.

Another round of applause for Team AFS… for the fourth time we have appeared on Inc. 5000’s list for our outstanding growth between 2019 and 2022! “The logistics industry is a complex environment, our growth is a testament to the fact that customers need help navigating this complex environment,” says CEO, Tom Nightingale, “Our continued rapid growth and selection to the Inc. 5000 are testimony to the entire AFS team and a collective ability to problem solve, innovate and see possibility in the midst of significant challenges. To be able to continue to grow at this rate after 41 years is a credit to our founder, Brian Barker, and his vision.”

Inc. Magazine's Inc. 5000 award
Minghsu Bates, Chief Analytics Officer at AFS Logistics

In related news, we’re also pleased to announce that AFS’s Mingshu Bates has added another honor to her growing trophy case: She’s been named to Global Trade magazine’s “2023 Women In Logistics” list. The designation honors some of the “shining examples of women pushing the logistics and supply chain industry forward,” – a description that definitely fits our longtime Chief Analytics Officer to a tee. Congratulations, Mingshu! And keep up the outstanding work.

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