Take A Peak: FedEx Raises Seasonal Surcharges, Introduces First-Ever Late Fee

Temperatures aren’t the only things that will be rising for parcel shippers this summer. 

Effective June 21, FedEx will be extending all of the peak season surcharges it introduced earlier this year — and increasing the price tag of three. Just as important, it will begin charging a late fee for two of its most popular services.

The extension and increases, which were announced May 21, include:

  • A 50-cent bump in additional handling surcharges for the company’s U.S. Express Package,  U.S. Ground and International Ground services
  • A 30-cent addition to residential delivery surcharges for most of its Express and U.S. domestic deliveries
  • And a 25-cent increase in the general peak handling surcharge for Ground Economy service.

The late fee is a 6% assessment for Express and Ground Customers who fail to pay their invoices within 14 days of the due date. It is the first such fee in FedEx’s history. 

Click here to view complete details about the latest seasonal surcharges and consult page 142 of the FedEx January 2021 Service Guide for more specifics about the late fee. Better yet, give AFS a call. We’ll be happy to walk you through the particulars — and help you assess which parcel shipping option is right for you in light of these latest developments.

Image credit: Christian Mueller / Shutterstock.com


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