Stat’s Incredible: Southern California Port Congestion Special

The good news is your ship has come in. The bad news is it may still be waiting to dock, especially if it traveled to Southern California. To illustrate, check out these recent congestion-related facts and figures from the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach. 

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Container ships that were either anchored or drifting in San Pedro Bay while waiting for a berth at the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach as of late October (an all-time high)


Percent of the country’s shipping containers that enter the U.S. via the Port of Los Angeles or Port of Long Beach


Percent of cargo that had been sitting on dock at the Port of Los Angeles 13 days or longer as of mid-October according to Port Director Gene Seroka


Hours per day and days per week the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach are now looking to operate in order to help get more ships offloaded


Percent faster that trucks are able to get goods moved out of the Port of Los Angeles during the less-busy evening hours


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AFS Logistics Taps into Convoy for Brokers

With continued market volatility and fluctuating demand, shippers need reliable transportation alternatives to avoid delays and safely get products to their destinations. That’s why we’re participating in the Convoy for Brokers program to leverage their “elastic capacity” to increase speed, productivity and service for our shipper clients.

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