Stat’s Incredible: Q3:2022 Cowen/AFS Freight Index

Woman reviewing Q3:2022 Cowen/AFS Freight Index
The latest edition of the AFS/Cowan Freight Index is fresh off the presses – and in honor of summer, we’ve decided to spill the (iced) tea about some of its hottest details. Check them out.
26.5% Truckload rate per mile that the freight index will reach in Q3:2022 (2.4 percentage points above QOQ)  47.6% Average Fuel Surcharge among major LTL carriers in Q2:2022 (up significantly from Q1:2022’s 34%)  54.0% LTL rate per pound that the freight index will reach in Q3:2022 (a slight decline from the 54.8% reported in Q2:2022 but still a 19.2% YOY increase)  2.2% Express Parcel rate per package that the freight index is expected to reach in Q3:2022 (down slightly from the historic 5.1% high reported in Q2:2022) 25.7% Amount the Ground Parcel Index is expected to reach in Q3:2022 (a slight decline from the all-time high of 27.7% in Q2:2022)



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