Parcel Value Management

Custom Build a Better Supply Chain

Choose AFS for comprehensive parcel shipment solutions, automated processes and proven expertise to streamline enterprise supply chain operations, reduce costs and improve service levels.    

Advanced Analytics and Actionable Data

100+ Years

of Direct Parcel Team Carrier Expertise

Win with greater savings

Our Parcel Value Management experts and automated processes provide insight, guidance and analysis around internal and external factors that can affect your supply chain. From service and rate audits to claims management, cost and service analysis to carrier negotiations, and contract management to data analytics, our team can help your organization unlock the value of your parcel supply chain.

Save and sustain

AFS provides in-depth, long-term support and robust capabilities to enhance service, stabilize pricing and enable greater savings. AFS captures critical organizational and parcel shipping data and uses those insights to tailor solutions for warehouse locations, inventory, shipping services and more that add long-term value.

Improve supply chain visibility

No matter the industry, no matter the company size, AFS delivers invaluable insights and support to bring your parcel shipment data into full view. Capture more data-driven insights to make more informed decisions — and uncover more efficient ways to measure your parcel shipping and cultivate vendor relationships.

Ensuring Client Success

Discover how AFS recovered $300,000 savings in only 45 days for a western-wear clothing retailer.

AFS Insights

AFS Logistics Taps into Convoy for Brokers

With continued market volatility and fluctuating demand, shippers need reliable transportation alternatives to avoid delays and safely get products to their destinations. That’s why we’re participating in the Convoy for Brokers program to leverage their “elastic capacity” to increase speed, productivity and service for our shipper clients.

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Identify new strategic ways to save 5 - 8% on your parcel spend today.