Save Big on Small Packages

Gain confidence, peace of mind and cost savings with parcel audit services that deliver fast, simple and accurate resolutions.

Our proprietary audit process

Catches 99%+ Overcharges

for base rates and accessorials

More than 3% Recovered Savings

On Your Audited Parcel Spend

Ensure correct payments and drive service reliability

Parcel shipments are a critical part of your logistics operations and the success of your business. Unfortunately, the workload and the rate of change is staggering. When your smallest packages monopolize a large chunk of your time and budget — outsourcing parcel auditing to the industry leaders will enable your company to  identify and recover eligible refunds.

Focus on core competencies

Errors are inevitable. Industry studies show the average carrier invoice error rate is about 8 percent. Instead of making a sizable capital commitment to build internal invoice auditing capabilities, you can collaborate with AFS for a parcel audit and drive immediate savings while letting your talented teams concentrate on core competencies and avoid time-consuming auditing tasks. 

Ensure invoice accuracy

Our proven expertise and automated parcel audit processes catch 99% of overcharges. With billions in parcel spend audited to date, we help ensure our clients never pay more than they should.

Unlock the full value of data

We aggregate and analyze data that can be leveraged to create carrier consolidation strategies, drive accessorial reductions and support network-wide cost analyses to fully realize your KPIs.

Ensuring Client Success

Discover how AFS recovered $300,000 savings in only 45 days for a western-wear clothing retailer.

AFS Insights

See how AFS offers 100% protection against overcharges and recovers more than 3% of your audited parcel carrier spend.