New AFS Logistics Website

AFS Logistics' new website reflects its mission to help shippers unlock the full value of their supply chain.

We’re the supply chain experts. And now our new website showcases it to the world. Check out to find out exactly what we do, who we are — and how we can help you unlock the full value of your supply chain.

As AFS Logistics continues to grow organically and through acquisitions, we rebranded the website to better reflect our position as a transportation logistics leader. It’s one of many new investments into innovative technologies to make life easier for our clients, prospects, teammates and prospective teammates.

Get to the Point

You’ll find the new is much easier to use with many new enhancements, including:

Get What You Need

At AFS, we believe strongly in connecting with our clients and teammates. That’s why we created every page with your interests in mind. What’s most important? How can we help?

Get Even More

We’re growing. And we’re just getting started on sharing all the great new things about AFS Logistics. The website is the first step in telling our story, sharing our capabilities and reaching out to provide more data-driven value in a more client-centric way. Come visit the new — and discover how we can help you create measurable value in your supply chain today.


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AFS is directing carriers and customers to direct all inbound invoices to [email protected] or via established electronic submission, such as EDI or eSubmit to avoid processing delays due to the impacts of the COVID-19 countermeasures and service interruptions at the United States Postal Service.

Carriers should contact Carrier Support via email at [email protected] in lieu of calls. We have added additional resources and later hours to assist you and email will serve as the method for fastest response. Please send an aging report with your inquiry so that we may provide you the most current status.

Thank you!