AFS Logistics announces agreement with Leverage Supply Chain Group

SHREVEPORT, La. (Dec. 13, 2023) – AFS Logistics an industry-leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, announces an agreement with Leverage Supply Chain Group, an Atlanta-based supply chain firm that offers advisory, consulting and management services. Leverage consulting and advisory customers now have access to all AFS service offerings, including freight audit and payment, parcel, less-than-truckload (LTL), managed transportation and more.

“On the heels of COVID-era supply chain disruptions and cost pressures, businesses are acutely aware of the need to maintain continuity and resilience while tightly managing costs,” says Melissa Somsen, Chief Commercial Officer, AFS. “Together with Leverage, we’re helping more shippers take control of their logistics operations and keep freight moving efficiently, even in the face of pricing movement, capacity fluctuations and other challenges.”

AFS freight audit and payment services work to ensure shippers only pay what they should by uncovering overcharges, resolving errors, addressing late payments and more to provide accurate billing and payment on every invoice, every time. The company also offers transportation management, audit, cost management and advisory services across a broad range of transportation modes, including parcel, LTL and truckload freight. AFS has grown to over 380 teammates across eight locations in North America since its inception in 1982.

“Leverage Supply Chain Group was created to address the gaps we knew existed in the global supply chain. Our approach is to leverage our own experience and a consortium of expert supply chain organizations to address those gaps, and we’re proud to call AFS part of that group,” says Mike Borgerson, Executive Vice President, Leverage Supply Chain Group. “We put over a century of combined multi-functional supply chain experience to work so that customers can focus on their core business.”

Leverage Supply Chain Group was founded by David Quintilio, bringing together executive advisors with a wealth of experience leading supply chains, from multinational corporations to agile startups. The company complements its in-house expertise and consultative services through strategic alliances with top-tier logistics organizations, including AFS.

About AFS Logistics

AFS Logistics helps more than 1,800 companies across more than 35 countries drive sustained savings and operational improvements, while turning their logistics operations into competitive, customer-centric differentiators. As a non-asset based and non-asset biased 3PL, AFS provides a range of logistics services, featuring freight and parcel audit,  parcel cost managementLTL cost management and transportation management, which includes freight brokerage and freight forwarding. Founded in 1982 and employing a team of more than 380 logistics teammates in eight major locations across the U.S. and Canada, AFS is regularly part of the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies. To learn more, visit


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AFS Logistics
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Dan Gauss
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