AFS Logistics CEO Tom Nightingale honored by a top logistics publication for advancing the profession

DC Velocity names the growth-minded executive and thought leader to its annual Rainmakers list

SHREVEPORT, La. (July 10, 2023) – AFS Logistics, announces the selection of CEO Tom Nightingale as a 2023 Rainmaker by DC Velocity, a market-leading logistics magazine. The accolade recognizes Nightingale among the preeminent leaders of the industry for his 30-plus years of experience, multifaceted contributions and diligent board service.

Nightingale has amassed an accomplished track record, driving growth at the companies where he’s worked and producing results for the customers they serve. Since his appointment as CEO in 2020, AFS has experienced significant growth, introduced innovations with the launch of the AFSmart technology suite, and helped clients navigate unprecedented volatility in the transportation marketplace. Under his leadership, the company has also launched the TD Cowen/AFS Freight Index, a widely-consulted resource that both analyzes recent transportation market performance and offers predictions for the quarter ahead across parcel, less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload.

“Tom has been a great addition to AFS and its continued growth in our space,” says Brian J. Barker, Founder and Chairman, AFS. “He is what I would refer to as a player’s coach. He emphasizes the team but is also a rock-solid leader and innovator.”

The current Chairman of the Board for the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Nightingale was the founding board member of the Women in Trucking Association. He has held various board positions for businesses such as the zero-emissions facilitator WattEV and the trucking software company Convoy, Inc. as well as non-profits like the Warehouse Education Research Council, Women in Trucking Association and Transportation Marketing Sales Association. His experience and service have made him a respected logistics thought leader whose insights have appeared in top trade publications as well as major media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and CNBC.

“The complex problems and relentless ebbs and flows of this industry have afforded me opportunities to work with so many great teams and to exercise lifelong learning,” says Nightingale. “One of the elements that I have enjoyed most in my career has been helping to develop leaders who will drive a clear vision for a better future and build their work on an unshakeable bedrock of core values. It’s an honor to be named to such an esteemed list of professionals in the industry that has defined my career.”

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About the award

Each year, DC Velocity announces its list of Logistics Rainmakers, honoring individuals who have distinguished themselves both personally and professionally in the logistics field. Nominations come from readers, past Rainmakers, and the DC Velocity editorial staff. The winners are selected by the independent DC Velocity Editorial Advisory Board.

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