New Service $aves USPS Customers 15% – 20%

Tremendous Savings as a Result of New AFS Logistics Service That Provides Commercial-Plus Pricing for Smaller USPS Parcel Customers  

AFS Logistics has just added a new service for existing or new Parcel clients that will lower their USPS rates in order to be more competitive with UPS and FedEx.  The new program, AFS Parcel Plus, will provide Parcel customers with 15 – 20% savings on Priority Mail shipments without the 50,000+ shipments-per-year requirement currently in place by USPS. The set up will be handled by the AFS Inside Sales Group (less than 10 minutes) followed by a link that will be emailed to the client contact.  All that is required is to click the link to establish service, create a username and password, add funds to the ‘wallet’ section of the portal (postage prepaid by law), and begin enjoying the discounts on every shipment. In addition, the portal allows you to compare your UPS and FedEx rates by simply adding their carrier account number to the portal.  Now is the perfect time to allow your partner, AFS, to help you navigate today’s Parcel shipping environment.  Our Parcel experts can analyze the full impact of these USPS savings on your business and show you how we can maximize your bottom line.  To get started, give us a call today at 877-242-3383 or email at [email protected].



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AFS is directing carriers and customers to direct all inbound invoices to [email protected] or via established electronic submission, such as EDI or eSubmit to avoid processing delays due to the impacts of the COVID-19 countermeasures and service interruptions at the United States Postal Service.

Carriers should contact Carrier Support via email at [email protected] in lieu of calls. We have added additional resources and later hours to assist you and email will serve as the method for fastest response. Please send an aging report with your inquiry so that we may provide you the most current status.

Thank you!