Network Design & Engineering

Turn Strategy Into a Growth Engine

Assess, manage and optimize your transportation network, including customers and locations, using data-driven analysis and
recommendations from the experts.

Network Optimization and Inventory Rebalancing Models

Capital Conservation and New Growth Consultation from Industry Experts

A model of agility

You’re always seeking new ways to improve profitability. AFS knows where to look — and what to do about it. Whether it’s consolidating warehouses, changing suppliers, moving to a new location, targeting new customers or simply using new carriers, we analyze your entire transportation network and create strategic optimization models to help you succeed.

AFS Logistics transportation management services turns strategy into a growth engine.

Make data work

AFS applies best-in-class AI technology to capture machine-scale insights that we apply to new transportation network design strategies and models — so we can identify and realize cost-saving opportunities across your enterprise.

Put your business in a better position

The more nimble you are, the more competitive you can be in an increasingly competitive, connected and consumer-driven market. AFS transportation network design and engineering experts help you conserve capital and capture new growth opportunities.

Ensuring Client Success

See how AFS helped this global sealant manufacturer manage compliance and schedules and reduce costs for its international shipments.

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