Trust the Source

Save time. Increase precision. Gain full visibility into your spend with precise financial reporting services from experts who know the value of data — and how to use it to your winning advantage. 

100% Accountability

AFS Logistics' general ledger coding saves time and increases precision.


Into Inbound, Outbound and Third-Party Carrier Spend Down to the Accessorial Level

Account for everything

Profitability can only be measured with true, precise cost allocation — and AFS has the expertise to navigate the unique complexities of parcel logistics to optimize your resources, time and budget with customized general ledger coding services.

Accountability through transparency

Your general ledger is the primary source for truth in your business. Uncover every key data point, down to the accessorial level, to accurately find your spend. It’s much more than accurate coding though. We integrate data seamlessly with your ERP to help optimize your accounting processes and enable insights to unlock new, profitable opportunities moving forward.

Customize to optimize

The difference is in the details. AFS tailors its general ledger coding services to meet your unique needs. We code and track invoices and allocation in parallel to the way you run your business to simplify accounting, identify key trends and expedite decision-making.

Ensuring Client Success

Discover how AFS recovered $300,000 savings in only 45 days for a western-wear clothing retailer.

AFS Insights

Identify new strategic ways to save 5 - 8% on your parcel spend today.