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Collaborate with the experienced AFS freight brokerage team to ensure even your most complex shipments arrive on time and at consistent, affordable rates

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Spot + Contract Transportation Markets

Simplify freight management

Choose one contact, one tracking interface, one invoice and one team of experts to cover all your freight brokerage needs beyond the spot market. Let us handle your carrier search by working with thousands of vetted carriers across North America and be your sole source truckload provider for specific lanes, modes, products and more. We’ll commit to your capacity requirements — along with committed pricing for a committed duration — all so you can focus on what you do best.

Connect with carriers

You’re busy. But how much of that translates into profitability? Managing freight requires dedicated resources to assign carriers, set new pricing, handle billing, track shipments, run reports and more. AFS has the experience — and a proven network of vetted carriers — to transport your freight for a lower cost and with fewer hassles, which allows you to focus on your core business.

Benefit from our expertise

Our freight brokerage experts use data-driven analysis to make faster, more informed decisions. We know how much freight should cost. We know the safety ratings. And we can negotiate contracts and routes at favorable rates.

Meet every challenge

Whether we’re your choice for the spot market, specialty loads or your primary transportation solution, the AFS freight brokerage team has the experience and knowledge to deftly adjust to capacity surges, unpredictable shipments and more without compromising service levels or budget.

Ensuring Client Success

See how AFS helped this global sealant manufacturer manage compliance and schedules and reduce costs for its international shipments.

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