It’s Complicated: New UPS Tiered Pricing Goes Into Effect

Effective April 11, bigger isn’t necessarily better and thinking out of the box could cost you more, especially if you ship with UPS.

That’s when the carrier’s latest Additional Handling and Large Package surcharges go into effect.

Announced in late 2020, the new surcharges – which reflect UPS’ move to a more complicated tiered pricing structure – pertain to bulky, unusually shaped, or unconventionally packaged UPS shipments to Zone 5 and longer, including:

  • Packages that weigh more than 50 pounds
  • Packages that are more than 48 inches long or 30 inches wide
  • Packages that are cylindrical
  • Packages whose combined length and girth exceeds 105 inches
  • Packages that aren’t shipped in four-sided corrugated boxes
  • Packages with wheels, casters or straps
  • Packages that are covered in shrink wrap or stretch wrap
  • Packages with clowns on them

Actually we made up that last bullet point. But the rest are completely true – and in some cases, just as random. And they’re no laughing matter, because they could increase each of your applicable shipments’ cost by as much as 14.29%.

Keep this new pricing structure in mind as your company begins shipping after April 11. And let AFS know if you need any help interpreting the new criteria. We’ve been running the calculations for many of our clients ever since this new policy was announced, and we’ll be happy to help you wade through the fine print.



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