Stat’s Incredible: Holiday Returns

We may not live in Australia. But when it comes to holiday purchases, the boomerang effect is clearly alive and well – and compelling many retailers to rethink their returns strategy in an effort to protect their bottom lines when their customers’ holiday gift purchases miss the mark.


Total expected value of 2023 holiday purchases across the United States – a 3 to 4% increase over 2022 (National Retail Federation)


Consumers who said they planned to make returns a part of their holiday shopping strategy this year (UShip Consumer Holiday Shipping Trends 2023)


Estimated value of holiday purchases that U.S. shoppers are planning to return this year (Optoro)


Customers who choose one retailer over another based on a retailer’s returns policy (Optoro)


Average returns-related cost for a $50 item                    (GoTRG)


U.S. retailers who said it takes them at least 30 days to relist a returned item (GoTRG)


Retailers who now charge restocking or return shipping fees – up from 60% in 2022 (GoTRG)


U.S. retailers who plan to adopt “keep it” instead of return it policies for unwanted holiday purchases whose value is exceeded by the cost of return shipping (Reuters)


U.S. retailers that now consider returns to be a severe problem for their business – up from 1.6% in 2022 (GoTRG)

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