Stat’s Incredible: Highlights From The Q4:2023 TD Cowen/AFS Freight Index

Person looks at the Q4 TD Cowen/AFS Freight Index on her MacBook Pro

Don’t just carve a turkey. Carve out some time to read the latest TD Cowen/AFS Freight Index, which is chock-full of notable findings like these.


Quarter-over-quarter decrease in TL Linehaul cost per shipment (a 19.9% year-over-decline)


Amount that TL Linehaul cost per shipment still remains above pre-pandemic levels despite recrent decreases


Increase in the LTL rate per pound between Q2:2023 and Q3:2023


Increase in LTL carrer fuel surcharge rates during September Q3:2023


Compounded impact (in 2024) of UPS’ and FedEx’s annual GRI increases since 2018


Decrease in Ground Parcel rates between Q2:2023 and Q3:2023


Ground Parcel Cost Per Package Freight Index for Q4:2023 — the second year-over-year decline since the index was established


Express Parcel Cost Per Package Freight Index for Q4:2023  — a 2.5% year-over-year increase that’s consistent with the past two years’ increases

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