Stat’s Incredible: Q4:2022 Cowen/AFS Freight Index

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When some people say fall, they’re thinking of the season. But when we say it, we’re thinking about what’s finally happening to transportation costs across all modes, except for ground parcel. Here’s a quick look at some of the most notable (and mostly good) findings from the Q4:2022 Cowen/AFS Freight Index.


17.9% Predicted Truckload Freight Index for Q4:2022 (a 0.4 percentage points decrease from Q3:2022 and first year over year decline since Q3:2020) 0.8% Amount that the average Truckload linehaul cost per shipment declined by in Q3:2022 48.6% Predicted LTL Freight Index for Q4:2022 (a 4.3% decrease from Q3:2022) 2.4% Amount that the average LTL cost per shipment has declined by since Q3:2022 5.4% Amount that Fuel Surcharges for LTL shipments have declined by since Q3:2022 5.8% Amount that the Express Parcel Index declined by in Q3:2022 28.4% Predicted Ground Parcel Freight Index for Q4:2022 (an all-time high)



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FedEx and UPS Late Payment Fees

The payment environment has drastically changed in the past few years. Up until recently, payment terms for FedEx and UPS were 30 days. If payments

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