Ask AFS: Prioritizing between people, processes and technology

Managed Transportation business team in a meeting

When it comes to Managed Transportation Services, we hear a lot about the importance of hiring the right people, having the right processes and employing the right technologies. But which of the three is actually the most important?

You’re not going to let us get away with saying “all of the above” are you?


Didn’t think so. Then the answer is people, hands down.

Well trained, well led and highly engaged people are the foundation of a strong Managed Transportation effort because they develop the strategy that’s at the heart of every successful program. They’re also responsible for gathering or building the tools (like operating processes and technologies) to help execute it.

By contrast, processes and technologies are the enablers of this strategy. Both of them still need to be robust, well designed and appropriate for the task at hand. But at the end of the day, they’re still “just” tools.

So, to paraphrase Austin Powers, it’s people who actually give Managed Transportation its mojo?

Austin Powers

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